Day One With Alison Hulme

Wow the quality of the work produced on day one is exceptional. What will day two bring?


2 thoughts on “Day One With Alison Hulme

  1. I had the most wonderful time on this workshop. Alison is the most fun and generous tutor you could possibly wish for. The materials, advice and support abound. Ask her anything and if she doesn’t know out comes the equipment and before you know it she has experimented and discovered the answer. I brought in a picture from Pinterest of something someone had done using a Gelli plate that I loved the effect of and she analysed it and then had a go at making something along the lines of it. I now have the most amazing piece of original Alison Hulme art which I am going to frame and put on the wall to enjoy. Next year she is coming back and we will be able to print then make a bag but if you haven’t been before and fancy the best 2 days you can possibly imagine, keep an eye on this site for news and book immediately you wont regret it.


  2. Alison has managed to teach a messy printer how to print with more control. I have never really enjoyed printing because my results were always disappointing -not this time .Alison is a brilliant teacher gently nudging /praising and helping. The two day course was well paced and really enjoyable. As usual Anita was always there helping everyone and making sure everything ran smoothly. The studio was fantastic in the heat on day one with the air con keeping us cool, and the massive tables designed and made for Anita big enough to work on the most ambitious pieces of work. I recommend Eau Brink as a venue for mixed media courses and I am looking forward to working with Alison and Anita next year.


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